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The Texas Animal Control Association is a group dedicated to the advancement of Animal Control and Welfare personnel. Our goal is to educate and train Animal Control/Humane personnel and educate the public in the responsibilities of Animal Control personnel.  TACA works to ensure that its member's voices are heard at the local, state, and national levels to ensure that the best interests of the profession are protected. We have an  annual educational conference and offer comprehensive training opportunities.  Read more...


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The TCCI 101 Class that was SCHEDULED FOR

Upcoming events

    • July 29, 2020
    • (CDT)
    • September 09, 2020
    • 12:00 AM (CDT)

    TACA Board Nominations

    Texas Animal Control Association is now accepting nominations for the upcoming election for positions on the Board of Directors.  To nominate someone, you and the person you nominate must be members in good standing with voting rights with the Association.  The Nominee must be actively working in the animal control or animal welfare profession within the State of Texas, a retired animal welfare employee, and/or an Honorary Member of the Association.  Please read the criteria for each position carefully.  Board members must be able to attend four meetings a year in different parts of the state. Up to $1200.00 travel allowance is available to the Board Members but the rest of the travel is the responsibility of the Board Member or their organization.  More information about Board qualifications and duties can be found by reading TACA's Bylaws

    President Elect:    In addition to the criteria above, the nominee must have served on the Board for at least one (1) year within the immediate past five (5) years.  The President Elect shall assist the President and the Vice President in their duties, ascend to the Presidency in the following year, be Chairperson of the Nominations Committee and perform other duties as prescribed by the TACA Board.  Term length is 3 years.

    Vice President:    In addition to the criteria above, the nominee must have served on the Board for at least one (1) year within the immediate past five (5) years. The Vice President shall assume the duties of President and/or President Elect in the event of their absence, be the Chairperson of such committee(s) as appointed by the President, and perform other duties as prescribed by the Executive Board. Term length is 1 year.

    Secretary:    The Secretary shall: (a) Keep minutes for all TACA Board meetings and special and general session meetings. (b) Prepare TACA correspondence, as needed. (c) Send copies of minutes to the President within thirty (30) days of the meetings. (d) Have custody of BY-LAWS, corporate seal, general records and archives of TACA. (e) Perform other duties as decided by the TACA Board. Term length is 2 years.

    Board Member:    Board Members serve as the Chairperson and/or on committee(s) as appointed by the President, vote on items brought before the Board, and perform other duties as prescribed by the Executive Board.  Term length is 3 years.

    Please make sure the people you nominate are willing to serve in the capacity that you have nominated them for.  The nominees will be contacted and given a chance to accept or decline the nomination.  Nominations can be made via an email with all pertinent information included to Jay Sabatucci or by printing this form and mailing it to:

    TACA Board Nominations
    4206 Selina Ct.
    Arlington, TX 76016

    Please include a photographic head shot for the ballot.

    All nominations must be postmarked or emailed no later than September 08, 2020. 

    TACA’s Board of Directors is comprised of a group of volunteers who donate their time to serve Animal Control Officers, animal shelter employees, and others who care about animal welfare in Texas.  The Board sets the vision and goals for TACA and helps improve the future of the profession through training, public outreach, and legislative action.  One board member alone cannot do this job and for our Board to be effective, we need a diverse group of members who are willing to contribute their unique talents while collaborating and working as a team with the other members of the board.

    What is required to be a TACA Board Member:

    • Be a current TACA member
    • Actively work in the animal control or animal welfare position within the State of Texas, be a retired animal welfare employee, and/or be an Honorary Member
    • Most importantly, be willing and able to help!

    What is not required to be a TACA Board Member:

    • You do not have to be the Manager/Supervisor of your agency.  We want a diverse group of opinions on the Board.  We need the voices of the front line Animal Control Officers just as much as we need to hear from program directors.   
    • You do not have to be able to take off for days/weeks at a time to do TACA business.  Many meetings are done via conference calls and in-person meetings are usually held on weekends to prevent interfering with normal work duties.
    • You do not have to have decades of experience in the animal welfare field.  You do need to have a strong grasp of the animal control/welfare profession, but there is not minimum experience requirement for Board Members. 

    A good Board Member is prepared for the meetings and keeps the commitments they make to the organization.  They share their opinions and ideas while making sure the organization’s needs are the top priority.  They get answers for the questions and concerns TACA’s members have.  They work to build relationships both within the association and with outside organizations.  And finally, they are willing to be a resource to both the Board and to the membership as a whole. 




COVID-19 Resources for Animal Control Officers

The resources above are provided solely to assist ACOs in deciding what policies and procedures are best for the communities they serve. TACA does not endorse any one particular group's information or recommendations over another.  TACA believes that in all animal-related issues, no one policy statement can be applicable to the unique challenges each community faces and this is particularly true for the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. TACA believes it is best for local jurisdictions to make operational decisions based on what is believed to be best for the staff, their residents, and the animals in their care.  If we can be of any assistance in this process, please contact any of our Board Members and we will be happy to do our best to help in this process.

Department of State Health Services
Statement on CE Hours andTraining:

Chapter 829 of the Texas Health and Safety Code mandates that 30 hours of required continuing education (CE) training for Animal Control Officers (ACOs) approved by the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) be completed every 3 years. Of these, DSHS policy has been that a maximum of 10 hours per 3-year period can be obtained via satisfactory completion of DSHS-approved online training.  However, due to the number of course cancellations and the limitations on travel created by the outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), a temporary exception to this limit has been implemented.  For ACOs whose 3-year period ends between March 15, 2020, and March 15, 2021 (inclusive), up to 30 of the required CE hours can be earned via satisfactory completion of DSHS-approved online training.  Please note that certificates of completion from online sponsors may still include the statement about the 10-hour limit; that does not mean that this temporary exception does not apply.  
Reminder:  currently there is still a requirement in Chapter 829 that the 30 hours of CE be completed within the 3-year period following the completion date of the ACO Basic Training course. However, in light of recent COVID-related events, there is a possibility that the requirement may be waived. We will update you if there is any change.  

Please be advised that the outbreak of COVID-19 has resulted in cancellation of many Animal Control Officer Basic Training and continuing education courses.  Contact the course sponsor to determine if a course you plan to attend will still be conducted.

Pamela J. Wilson, DrCH, MEd, LVT, MCHES
Zoonosis Control Branch; MC 1956
P.O. Box 149347
Austin, TX   78714-9347

Click here for a list of online courses available for CE hours

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