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Texas Certified Cruelty Investigator Course

In 2011, TACA was asked to take over the training programs formerly offered by the Association of Certified Cruelty investigators. ACCI wanted to improve the training it was providing by making the courses specific to each of the states they were currently teaching in. ACCI recognized TACA as the leading agency in Texas for animal control and welfare and knew TACA's history and stability made them the ideal candidate to continue providing this much needed training to the benefit of TACA's members and the animals they protect. TACA's board recognized the value the courses provided to its membership and unanimously approved taking over the courses. This new training became known as the Texas Certified Cruelty Investigator courses and provides the highest level of specialized training for those tasked with performing these duties.

TACA's Texas Certified Cruelty Investigator courses are designed to provide the knowledge and skills needed to handle all aspects of a cruelty investigation, from reportwriting to courtroom procedures. Cruelty cases are often won or lost based upon the credentials of the expert witnesses. Defense attorneys will often attempt to have testimony from ACOs thrown out or disallowed if they can't prove that they have specific experience in cruelty investigations. Certification as a TCCI provides tangible proof that you have the training and experience needed to handle these unique cases and will make sure that your voice is recognized as the expert testimony it should be. 

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Course Outline

CI 101

Approved for 17 CE hours by TDSHS
Topics covered include the correlation between animal cruelty and human violence, bloodsports, and animal husbandry of domestic pets and livestock.  

Next available offering:

March 17-19, 2019
Hosted by San Marcos Animal Services
March 17:  1:00 - 5:00
March 18-19:  8:00 - 5:00 each day

CI 201

Approved for 13 CE hours by TDSHS
Topics covered include basic investigation techniques, legal aspects, search warrants, writing reports, warrants, and affidavits, and a mock trial.  This Course is not required for Certified Peace Officers.

Next available offering:

July 17-18, 2019
Hosted by San Marcos Animal Services
8:00 - 5:00 each day

CI 301

Approved for 6.5 CE hours by TDSHS
Topics covered include Texas cruelty laws, on-scene evidence collection, processing evidence in the shelter, puppy mills, and animal hoarding.

Next available offering:

November 10, 2019
Isla Grand Beach Resort
South Padre Island
8:00 - 5:00

All courses are approved by the Texas Department of State Health Services for continuing education hours for Animal Control Officers. 

All courses are approved by the Texas Veterinary Medical Association for continuing education hours for Certified Veterinary Technicians.

CI 101 and 301 are approved by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education for continuing education hours for law enforcement personnel.

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Please note!  any registrations or payment sent by USPS mail must be sent to:

4206 Selina Ct.
Arlington, TX  76016

Certification Requirements

Animal Control Officers must satisfactorily complete all three courses.  Certified Peace Officers must satisfactorily complete Courses 101 and 301.

Courses do not have to be taken in any particular order; however certification is not transferred until all courses are successfully completed as required. 

Officers who have successfully completed a cruelty investigations course given by the National Animal Control Association, the Law Enforcement Training Institute, or the Association of Certified Cruelty Investigators may be certified as a TCCI if they email proof of training for consideration and approval.  Officers who have successfully completed prior training may get credit for CI 101 and/or CI 201 and only be required to complete CI 301 for certification.

All Officers certified as TCCI must obtain and maintain an annual membership with TACA.  Officers whose memberships lapse will be required to pay all back dues owed before they may be reinstated as a Texas Certified Cruelty Investigator.

All Officers certified as TCCI must successfully complete a renewal course at least once every three years.  Renewal courses will be provided each year at TACA's Annual Training Conference

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