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TACA Board Voting

  • October 11, 2017
  • November 10, 2017


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All current members of the Texas Animal Control Association are entitled to vote for the Board of Directors that leads the Association.  Ballots must be submitted by 11:59 PM on Friday, November 10th to be counted.  Validity of any questionable ballot will be determined by the Nomination Committee of the Texas Animal Control Association Board of Directors and their decision is final.  

Please click on the green "Register" button to the left to vote and make your voice count in your Association! 

If you are unable to register to vote, your membership is likely listed as lapsed in the system. Only current certified members have voting rights.  Please click here to obtain or renew your membership.  If you feel there is a mistake in the system, please email Patti Stepp so that corrections can be made.

Board of Director Candidates & Biographies

President-Elect Candidate
Tim Hall

Vice President Candidate
Patti Stepp

Board of Director Candidates (Two Positions Available)

Shari Coleman
I am excited and looking forward to working with other professionals in Animal Services as a board member for TACA. I will bring 20 years’ experience with me.  I have a deep and abiding respect for the tough job we all do and work very hard to be Pro-Active in education and service to the public and the animals in our community’s.  My agency is small but not as small as some of our members.  I would like to see helpful information go out to members and to build our membership, to be available to other professionals and assist others in their field.  If any member would like to know more about me please feel free to reach out   or Call 281-652-1973.

Ty Coleman
Hi I am Ty Coleman, and I am currently an Animal Services Officer for the City of Farmers Branch. I have been in the Animal Services field since 2011, and plan to retire in this career field. I have an extensive background in shelter operations, field operations, community outreach, and officer training. I have an innate passion for animals, and through my experiences, I'm continuously growing my credentials to become the asset that I am today. It would be an honor to serve on the board and assist our fellow members.

Lauren Hartis
Hello….! My name is Lauren Hartis I’ve been in animal control for 11 years now I currently work at the Humble Animal Shelter as the Warden of the shelter. I always stand up for what’s right and speak up for the voiceless even if it means standing alone.  My passion for helping animals came when I was just a little girl. I always love meeting and training new officers from all over I am an advanced ACO and come with a vet tech degree and I am also animal behavior certified. I am looking forward to serving you on the Texas Animal Control Board. If you vote for me, you will be getting someone that will always go the extra mile. Thank you!

Cheryl Martinez 
Cheryl Martinez is the President and Founder of PAAC - People Assisting Animal Control. This group was established to help animal control facilities in the Corpus Christi area. Cheryl is the South Texas Chapter President for THLN - Texas Humane Legislative Network which is the Texas group that is responsible for lobbying during legislative session to pass animal laws in Texas. Cheryl has gone through the Animal Control Basic Certification, completed the TCCI Animal Cruelty Certification, is certified in Pet CPR and Pet 1st Aid, and has taught at conferences to teach municipals and non-profit organizations the best practices on how to work together and help more animals. Cheryl currently is in charge of a low-cost high volume spay/neuter clinic and a wellness clinic in Corpus Christi and is in the process of opening another clinic for the underserved community.

Paul O'Neill
My name is Paul O'Neill and I have been in this profession since 2002.  I am currently the Animal Services Supervisor for the City of Denton, have worked in Midland as the Animal Services Director and started at the Brazos Anima Shelter in Bryan/College Station.  I have been involved with TACA in the past and feel that it is time to step back in now that I am in a new location.  I feel that professional development should be a priority and would enjoy the opportunity to serve with, and for, my fellow officers.

Edna Stambaugh
Edna Stambaugh, began her career in city government in South Padre Island in February 2008, where she earned her certifications for Animal Control Officer, Code Enforcement Officer, and Vector Control. She was instrumental in performing Plan Reviews and Health Inspections. Discovering her passion to help animals, she accepted a position with the City of Cedar Park in May 2011, as an Animal Control Officer and quickly became the Sr. Animal Control Officer. In July of 2014, Edna continued in her chosen career path and became employed for the City of Leander as the Animal Services Supervisor. Edna has served as board member for TACA for 6 years and as the Treasurer for TEHA-STC for 9 years. Edna is always willing to lend a helping hand and is looking forward to continue serving you on the TACA board and is extremely thankful for your vote!

Ryan Wies
I am Ryan Wies 29 yoa, I’ve been a part of the Town of Addison Police Department’s Animal Control division for 4 years now, and I was recently appointed the position of supervisor of Animal Control after 3 years as an ACO. I have always had interest in animals so much that as a child I would ran off and feed cows at the end of my street, and then when I turned 18 I stated at the Dallas Zoo. At the Dallas Zoo I was a Zookeeper for 8 years, working mostly with native Texas animals like Opossum, Raccoons, armadillo and various bird, insects and snake species.  

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