Robert "Skip" trimble humane legislator award

This award is given to an individual who went above and beyond to pass legislation at the local, state, and/or federal level that assists ACOs in fulfilling their duties or improves the the lives of animals, whether they're in shelters or in homes.  The award is in honor of  the "Godfather of Animal Law," Robert "Skip" Trimble who was one of the founders of the Texas Humane Legislation Network.  Mr. Trimble worked selflessly in the name of animal welfare and fought tirelessly for a better tomorrow for animals of all species.  Many of the laws and protections that we take for granted today had to be fought for under the unforgiving Texas sun in the name of progress and love.  Mr. Trimble was no stranger to the those he served and those he debated against, gathering respect from both camps. Never accepting defeat, Skip challenged and changed the tide starting at home in Dallas, TX and then throughout the great state which would then influence many other organizations, advocates and governments. 

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